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used shipping container for sale

Used Shipping Containers

If you have a need for extra storage on your property then a used shipping container is the best option for it. At Containers 4U we provide good 20' & 40' used shipping containers that are guaranteed to be wind and water tight and the lowest price in the industry.

used shipping containers for sale


We will beat any cargo worthy used container price. If you forward us a written quote from a qualified supplier with the companies name and address. We will beat that price if the quote is dated within two weeks of your purchase.

new shipping containers for sale

New Shipping Containers

Containers 4U also offer One Trip containers, which are considered to be brand new shipping containers by the industry standards. These containers are perfect for store front locations as they are brand new and come without any significant markings or company logos.

container relocation services

Container Relocation Services

At Container 4U we are able to make deliveries of 20' and 40' containers all over Canada (700km Radius from our relative locations). We are also able to relocate your own 20' and 40' shipping containers; containers must be empty.

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    40 foot cargo worthy STD container

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    40 foot High Cube Brand New

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    40 foot High Cube Used

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    20 foot STD Containers Used

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    20 foot STD Container New

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    New 40 foot Container Delivery

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